Thursday, August 26, 2010

Open Letter to Deb, Sylvia, and Sylvia

Apparently I am unable to mail packages correctly. I received ALL THREE of your boxes back yesterday. (I must admit, they've been hanging out in my apartment's office for a week , I wasn't able to get there when they were actually open.) I am so sorry that they have been delayed for SO long. However, I'm hoping that you'll be willing to wait just a little longer, because I've learned something new, and I want to include it in the resending of your boxes. (Bigger is always better, at least here in Texas.) I plan to get them out to you by Monday at the latest, and I hope that you will feel they were worth the wait.

Additionally, Sylvia T, I received your LOVELY box on Tuesday, and I hope to get pictures up tomorrow. I just love everything you sent, thank you so much!


  1. You just gotta tell us what the post office objected to. Would be useful to know their quirks! Hope the next set make it to their destination!

  2. Sometimes the post office is so quirky. Take your time - I know that you've had a lot going on too. I'm sure what you send will be wonderful.

  3. sono felice che ti sia arrivato il pacco
    spero tanto sia di tuo gradimento.
    il cuscinetto รจ una mia produzione personale come tutte le altre piccole cose d esclisione lo schema di Niky
    speriamo di mandarci atre belle cose

    a presto

    I'm glad you both got the package
    I very much hope you like it.
    bearing is my personal production as all the other little things of esclisione scheme Niky
    we hope to send beautiful things ATRE


  4. Not to worry - live sometimes throws you a curveball and it seems you have had your hands full of late.


Thank you for your kind words! They really make my day. :)