Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been thinking about frogging. I had knitting and cross stitch that all required extensive removal. I had been working on Little House Needlework's Lavender's Blue onver one, but hated it, and realized it should be over two. I completely screwed up on Plum Street Sampler's The Queen's Sampler - Elizabeth I. Apparently counting is NOT a strong suit. I even managed to mess up on a project from Just Cross Stitch (I can't remember the name for the life of me.) I also was taking a motif from the Sarah Moon sampler to turn into a pincushion for my sister in law, but I used a bad thread. I used Soy Luster on a 40 count fabric, and it's just too thick. And last, but not least, I hated the edges on both scarves I have on needles. They were ratty and gross. I needed to re cast them on with an extra stitch so I could slip the first of each row.

It was to the point that when I finally got home last night, I didn't want to sew on anything. I didn't want to knit, purl, or put in an Algerian eyelet. (Actually, it was French knots, and I really hate French knots, so that probably doesn't count.)

So, I frogged it all! I spent all evening frogging my knitting, and picking fuzz off of my linen. I rewound my yarn, and put my stitch markers away. (I also realized that I have only one needle minder, and that is NOT enough.)

I have NOTHING to show for all those hours and hours of work, but I feel REALLY good about it. I cringe a little when I think of the wasted silk, but oh well. It's kind of like starting all over again. I get to sort out which project I want to work on first, and shop from the little stash by my chair.

That said, I will probably start on something entirely new tonight, just to be contrary. I'm thinking Tracy Horner's The Huddle. Unless her Fleur d'Orleans comes in the mail today. (It probably won't, but I can hope.) I'd start that first. DH and I were married in New Orleans (where I was born), and we're starting a Fleur de lis wall. My first piece on the wall is a needlepoint project my mother did for us. It's in my wedding colors of purple and cream, with our "monogram" of a fleur de lis over a Texas star. So pretty. I cry fairly often when I look at it, I just love it so much. (That part sort of terrifies my husband. LOL)

Anyway, so I won't have pictures for a while. It's a little weird feeling, not having anything on needles or on linen at the moment. (I'm NOT counting anything in the UFO pile, because I usually don't admit to their existence.)

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