Monday, May 3, 2010

Stitching Bloggers Question

Lee from Lake Stitcher has posted this question on her blog. I've actually thought about this a lot in my life...

Suppose we say that there are two types of stitchers.

There are those who enjoy the “process” of stitching. They stitch for stitching’s sake and if something gets finished, so much the better, but it’s not necessarily the end goal. Primarily, it’s the application of needle and thread to cloth that makes them happiest.

Then there are those who are “project” stitchers. They move steadily through their projects, certainly enjoying their stitching time, but finding their greatest joy in the completed stitching.

If you had to pick one to describe yourself, which type of stitcher would you be? I imagine that we could all say that we fall somewhere in between, but really think hard about this and try to pick just one. And once you’ve decided whether you’re a Process or Project stitcher, tell us if your recognize that approach in other parts of your life.

I am a process person. Whether it comes to knitting, stitching, or even my attempts at quilting, what I enjoy is the act of making something, not the finished piece itself. I give you this example. I have often talked about how I really enjoyed stitching Blackbird Designs's Easter Parade. And I did, I thoroughly enjoyed the stitching of the basket, and the bunny. Well, imagine my surprise when I ran across my work the other day and saw that I never finished the bunny. Apparently I didn't enjoy stitching the border. That said, I'm not concerned that I didn't finish it. I will probably get back to it eventually. But, I still find it to be one of my favorite things that I've stitched. With my knitting, it's the same. I have 3 projects on needles, and they're all destined to be VERY long scarves. I love each stitch I make, I love the feel of the yarn under my fingers, and the click of my needles. I even love winding the ball when I begin. I will probably finish these scarves, but I'm not concerned if it takes me three years to actually get to it. I'm having fun after all. :)


  1. I like the 'about me' bit about yourself. It reminds me of my 19 yr old DD, whom we refer to as the Diet Coke nazi (think Seinfeld's Soup Nazi) because she guards any DC that comes in the house and rations it out to her siblings. She'd put it in a bag and strap the IV in her arm if she could.

    I am more of a project stitcher but am tryiing to become a process stitcher. I fall in between the two but definitely lean towards the project side of things, I think because for so many years, I wanted my stitching as decoration for the house. Still do... but I do love the process.

  2. Wonderful post, I have been giving it thought and I am a process stitcher, to be sure :) I love the process of adding new colors to my fabric and watching the patterns emerge....I am embarrassed to admit, even, that I often allow my finishes to sit in the closet for a while before I get them framed.

    For me it's the process :)

    I love your blog, and want to thank you for stopping by mine and leaving your sweet comment.

    Ma TK

  3. When I'm not stitching my models, I'm definitely a process stitcher! I live in the moment and just enjoy!


Thank you for your kind words! They really make my day. :)