Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Oh, I have startitis soooo bad. So very very very bad. I had my LNS call me last week to tell me that my By the Bay Needleart 13th Colony Bay series were in! I had also ordered the fabric for that project. While I was there, they're in the midst of a JBW Designs trunk show, so of COURSE I just had to pick up the Sweet Dreams Baby pillow design they had. (My boss's wife and best friend are pregnant, which means baby stitching!) Of course, I also had to pick up some thread for the baby pillows. My boss and his wife are having a girl, whereas we don't know what my best friend is having, so I wanted something that would fit for both. I chose Caron Waterlilies's Succotash. It's mainly green with purple and pink. I figure it's the kind of thing that just screams baby, and is fairly gender neutral. Recently I ordered from the Bay of Evil 21 pieces of Charles Craft 32 ct. linen in cream. They're meant for all the little ornaments and gifts that I stitch. I really like working on cream, and I'm ok with 32 count.

So, when I got home from work yesterday, I had the two projects I already have, BBD's Bluebird Thread Keep, JCS's This is the Day, and then now two new projects to start. I must mention that I also have recently purchased my first scroll frame (by K's Creations). I bought it for working on the 13th Colony Series which I'm going to stitch in three pieces, but then reattach using ribbon and decorative surface embroidery before framing.

ANYWAY, where I'm going with this is that I knew I didn't want to stitch on This is the Day or my Thread Keep last night. I knew that I wanted to start something new. I also knew that I really wanted to start 13th Colony, but I also knew that DH would throw a fit if I started another big project, when I've still got This is the day taking up room in my stitching corner. So, I started the baby gifts instead. I'm totally not satisfied. First off, I'm already going to have to frog because I'm not pleased with some of the color variations, and I'm too OCD just to leave it. Second, it's not 13th Colony on my scroll frame. So, I'm getting ready to head into uncharted territory. I'm getting ready to have 4 active WIP's. All the threads are owned and available, all the charts are ready, and I'm plunging in.

I think I'm going to have to start a stitching rotation. Of course, I'm going to have to put up a large wall calendar just to remind myself. Also, what do I do on the nights when DH needs my attention and I don't stitch on anything? Do I just skip that night and move on, or adjust my rotation? I'm probably over thinking the whole thing. But, I'm really looking forward to starting 13th Colony tonight. :)

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  1. Its hard when you have startitis but you can't justify the new start!

    Its always a good idea to get those baby pieces out of the way early!


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