Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter - Stitching Plans

Did I mention that I cross-stitch? I'm new to knitting, but I've been the "cross stitcher" in the family for a while. Actually, that's totally a lie, my Aunt is the cross stitcher. She does gorgeous work, and has, IMO, great taste. That said, my DH and his family don't really know my aunt, so they think of me as the cross-stitcher. I feel like a cheat whenever they say that.

That said, I've made a decision. I have a project that I've been working on for my SIL that I keep picking up and putting back down. I have not admitted to my SIL that I'm working on this for her. SO..... I'm going to tell her (and show her) at the Easter dinner we're all going to this weekend. Then, I'll have to be good about working on it so that she won't be upset! It's the Queen Bee by Little House Needleworks. I'm doing it over one, so it'll be nice and small. I'm not sure how I'm going to have it finished yet, but probably not as a framed piece.

Queen Bee - Cross Stitch Pattern

Also, I had a project I had started as a commission, but the woman who asked me to do it has backed out. Which, isn't a bad thing, because I'm going to alter it to suit my own taste. I think that I'll change the woman's dress to be white and gold (with Kreinik) and call it a wedding dress. My wedding colors were lavender and cream, so I think that it will look nice. I'm also doing this over one, as that was what the woman wanted, but I may frog what I have and do it over two instead, we'll see.
Lavender's Blue - Cross Stitch Pattern

I plan on working on cross stitch, but also my nieces' surprise this weekend. I'm knitting covers for their DS lites. I found a cheery baby worsted weight acrylic by Bernat to stitch them with. The colors aren't too babyish according to Eldest Niece, so I'm in the clear there.

Ok, I just had to take a break because the Operations Manager is apparently a yellow chicken livered IDIOT. I work in HR, and I'm supposed to just do payroll, but for the moment, until the HR Generalist starts next Wednesday, I'm in charge back here. I have been for almost 3 months now. One thing that I have NEVER been in charge of is the hiring or firing of our employees. I just process the paperwork. We recently had a series of group interviews, and extended tentative offers of employment to almost everyone. However, we interviewed more people than we have spaces for, and we decided not to hire everyone. (Big surprise right?) Well, one of these people that I called last week to say Thanks, but we're not interested at the moment, stopped by today to plead his case. He went and spoke with the Operations Manager, who was NOT involved in the decision not to hire this person. She sent him over to me and told him that I might be able to make a decision for him WHAT?!?!?!?! OMG WTF, this is SO above my pay grade. I foisted the whole thing off on the GM (who is out today) and said that I would talk to him on Monday, but that I could NOT promise that the GM would change his mind!! (And seriously, I'm kind of creeped out now, he was totally in my personal bubble, which I defend very strongly.)

I fired off a fairly angry email to the GM letting him know what happened, and that I didn't think that the Operations Manager needed to be sending this kind of thing to me. She's a big girl, and she's FOND of telling me that she's in charge, so she can tell Mr. Creepy Applicant that he's not hired. Either that or give me a pay raise and the HR Generalist's job, but as official Payroll Clerk, this is NOT my job.

**Update, the GM called and said that he agreed, it's not currently my job, but that now he thinks it's a great idea for me to learn how to fire and not hire people. I feel that I may have shot myself in the foot....**

*** Both photos were filched from 123 Stitch's website, where you can purchase the patterns if you desire. I'm not affiliated with them, but I believe in giving credit.

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