Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sad Weekend

Sadly, this was not a great weekend. My DH had a cousin of his pass away on Thursday, so much of Sunday and all of Monday was spent with family. Sunday we went to the Rosary (a viewing with a collective prayer of the Rosary, for those not Catholic). Then Monday morning was the funeral mass, then the graveside service, and then dinner at a local hall. Death is always sad, but this was especially hard for DH's family as the cousin was only 19 years old. Her death was unexpected, and it was horrible to watch her mother and step-father at her funeral. I had never met the dear girl, but from what I hear she was a lively, sweet girl who really loved spending time with her large extended family. Please, if you can spare a moment, send up some sweet thoughts both for Nicole, and her grieving family, particularly her mother, step-father and siblings.

Thank you

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