Monday, June 14, 2010

Bestest Husband EVAH!

I have, in my opinion, the best husband ever. I suppose I really should say that I have the best husband for me. I'm sure that your husbands/significant others, are really lovely people as well. :) But, since it's my blog, I'm just going to say that mine's the bestest.

I'm going through husband withdrawls. You see, we work for the same corporation, and used to work in the same office. However, since I work in payroll, we knew that was always going to be temporary. I've now been transferred to another location, and I can't ogle my husband all day long anymore. I have to content myself with photos instead.

This is obviously our cake cutting. This is the photo I have taped to my computer monitor for when I need a quick "Daniel fix."
This is Daniel explaining something to my grandmother. He gets that goofy look when he's trying to explain something complicated, such as engine parts, or why on earth he lets me buy more stitching stuff. (Grandma is VERY sympathetic to my collecting, she's got fabric enough to start her own shop.)

Ah, seriously, HOW CUTE IS HE???? I Know, super cute. :) I'm sure when I took that he was plotting something, I just can't remember what.
He gets upset, but I always tell him he's easy on the eyes. ;)

I get this look a lot. It's the look I get just before he decides to end a discussion with a totally outrageous comment. For example, when I'm complaining that we need another cat, he'll get fed up and tell me "If you get another cat, then I want a manatee for a pet. So, when I get my manatee, you can have your cat." (I'm obviously not sharing my bathtub with a manatee, so no kitten for me.)
Why the sudden outpouring of love towards my husband? Well, this weekend for once, we didn't have any plans other than getting his hair cut. So first he took me to Riscky's barbecue, where I've wanted to go for a LONG time. Then we took a really pretty drive down to Granbury and walked around their square. There was a Model A car show going on as well, so we checked out some really neat cars. Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, so no photos. :( As we walked around Granbury Square he let me drag him through a kitchen gadget store, a quilt shop, and a yarn store. (And he didn't whine, and even offered up thoughtful, reasoned opinions!) Then I remembered that there was a needlework store in Cleburne. I have NO sense of geography, and just figured they were super close together. (More like an hour apart.) But, without complaining, he drove me to Cleburne to Fancy Stitches. OMG, It's the best, but I'll write about that in a minute, we're still discussing my good fortune in husbands. While we were there, he found the Anniversaries of the Heart charts that I've been wanting to stitch up, and even noticed that they had the new Cross Stitch & Needlework and Just Cross Stitch magazines. AND, then he bought them for me!! I know he's been saving up for a new transmission for his Road Runner, and normally he lets me buy my own stitching supplies with my extra funds, so for him to get them for me, with no prompting, well, I'm a lucky girl! :) So, I just had to share.
I love my Dad, but over the years, when Mom asks him an opinion on her knitting colors, or something akin, he just tells her that it looks great. It's sweet, but I know it must be frustrating. Sometimes I imagine she really wants to hear if he thinks if the reds really match. Daniel is always very kind in his opinions, but he actually has them. He's my go to guy when it comes to whether one blue will look better or not. He has really great ideas, and a good eye for color. But, he's ALWAYS super encouraging. What can I say, he's the best! :)
As an aside, Fancy Stitches is akin to Mecca for cross stitchers who like needlepoint. They carry LOTS of both, and aren't snobby about ANY of it! Their thread collection is out of this world. They have a great selection of hand painted needlepoint canvases, canvaswork charts, and cross stitch charts. I don't know if they carry linen or evenweave, I didn't get that far into it, but I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when I saw their fiber selection. Between my regular LNS, Stitch Niche, and Fancy Stitches, I'll be able to buy just about everything locally. I really prefer to shop locally, and although Cleburne is probably an hour away from my home, it's a heck of a lot more local than a lot of places. I can't wait to go back. On the 26th, I'm having a day with my niece to celebrate her straight A's, so I'm thinking of dragging her there with me! :)
Oh, and watch this space, because I'm going to have a giveaway in the next few days, I just have to photograph what I'm giving away! :)

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