Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chippy's Blanket

I finished Chippy's blanket, and my niece couldn't be happier. Of course, her sister is totally jealous, but she knows that she's next on the get a knitted item list. I let her know that scarfs take WAY longer than a little doll blanket to make (and they do for me at least), so she'd have hers as soon as I could get it finished. Probably in July. Did I mention that we all live in Texas, so a wool scarf will be REALLY useful right about then. LOL

My sister in law and I went to JoAnn's over the weekend, and as a reward for not killing me while I took FOREVER, I let her pick out some Sugar n'Cream yarn for her dishcloths. She chose a really pretty self-striping yarn that is in seaside blues. I did one for her with a plain garter stitch, and it actually is pretty cute. Next I'm going to make a Moss Stitch cloth for her. I really enjoy making the Moss Stitch dishcloths, and I think that the yarn will look nice in that pattern.

Today, I'm sick sick sick, and I can't wait for my boss to arrive so I can ask if I can go home. I went home early yesterday, but as I've already finished all my work for the day, it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm really a part time employee, but until they find a replacement for my supervisor, they are asking that I put in more hours in case another employee has a question. (I work in HR.) They were supposed to have someone here in the middle of February, but they haven't actually gotten around to hiring anyone yet. Not that I'm complaining. How many people can read/knit/blog at work, and still have a job, and actually be paid? I guess, professional knitters probably get to do that. Also, maybe people who work for knitting publications... but other than those lucky few, how many? So, I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Once they get a supervisor in here with me, then I'll go back to afternoons, which also isn't so bad. I'm still in college, so it'll give me time to work on school things.

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