Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Right now I'm working on two things. First, I'm working on Chippy's Blanket. Chippy is my niece's favorite stuffed animal. He's a little Chipmunk, and he is very loved by her. He recently was married to Sammy, another of my niece's stuffed animals. I think the wedding might have been touch and go, because I'm pretty sure he had another girlfriend in there at some point.

I've always loved knitted afghans, and of course that was the first thing that I wanted to make. But, I know myself, and I know that if I started a full sized afghan as my first project, it would end up sitting somewhere with holes ripped out by the cat, completely abandoned. I feel bad for abandoned projects. I worry sometimes that they feel unloved. (I worry that makes me sound insane.) So, I thought a doll blanket would be the best. I managed to get the top 5 of Chippy's favorite colors from my niece, and I've started on a "Feather and Fan" pattern that I found at Ravelry.com I'm using some Superwash, because I thought that meant it could be thrown in the washer. Instead, this superwash says it can be washed by hand or dry cleaned. My sister in law is going to kill me once she realizes that the doll blanket has to be handled with extra care. :)

The second thing I'm working on is a scarf for my grandmother. I am using some yarn that I already had, but totally hate. It will make a LOVELY scarf, it's the working with it that I object to. I've put it to the side for the moment to focus on Chippy's Blanket. I pick the scarf up to mess with it every couple of days or so, but end up frogging just about everything that I've done. I just got a box of needles from my mother, and I think one of the reasons I haven't enjoyed working with it is that I've been using bamboo needles. I really like working with metal instead. So, I might just give it a switch to metal needles and see if that helps. The bamboo is just too sticky. I learned on plastic needles, but even they are too sticky for me right now. I love the slick feeling of the metal.

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